Protect Your Home Before And After The Storm

If your area is prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or any natural disasters that could damage your home, you need a plan for before and after disaster strikes. Boarding up the home is important, but you also need a plan for when nature overcomes human-made protections. Here are a few before and after planning points to keep in mind as storm season--or any disaster situation--threatens to make a mark on your area:  Read More 

Three Keys For Welding Machines

To be sure that you are best taking advantage of your welding work, you'll want to look into buying and owning top-notch welding machines. There are a lot of companies that can provide you with any sort of welding machines that you need, and you'll need to understand the best ways to get great service from them. By touching base with some professionals that can help you, you'll get high-level service for all of your welding work. Read More 

Own A Restaurant? Two Signs That The Grease Trap Is Full

If you own a restaurant, you understand that the grease trap in your facility is one of the most important devices in the entire building. The grease trap essentially catches the fats and oils that come off of the plates and pans that you use each day so that they won't clog up the pipes in your plumbing system. However, because the grease trap is typically located in a place that isn't readily accessible, it can be difficult for you to tell when it's full and needs to be cleaned or replaced. Read More 

Roll Tide: Keeping Your Boat Clean In A High Tide Area

Owning your own boat is like owning your own little slice of heaven. You can take your boat off the dock anytime you wish, whether the early morning or late afternoon, for a pleasure cruise. Being able to sit out on the lake in the serenity of the water and the expansiveness of the sea gives you a lot of time to think and appreciate. Bringing your boat back in to park can seem simple, but keeping care of your boat on a dock is actually a process. Read More 

Exterior Painting Tips For A Professional Result

If your home has wooden (or MDF) siding, your home can be painted to change up the color or to give it an updated look. Painting your siding may sound like a pain, but it can be done yourself (or with a few helpers), and be completely done in a single weekend. Be sure if tackling this job yourself that you watch the weather and look for a few good days with plenty of sunshine, and no rain at all in the forecast. Read More