The ABCs Of Keeping A Commercial Roofing Project Stress-Free For Customers

When you own a commercial business, you can bet that at some point, you, your staff, and even your customers will have to deal with a commercial roofing project. Maintaining the roof of your business is just one way to protect your investment for the long haul. However, a roofing project does bring about a few concerns when it comes to how it will affect your customers. Even though it can seem like a major undertaking, it is possible to get through the ordeal without seeing a major interference with customer flow. Read More 

5 Interior Painting Tips For Your DIY Project

Painting is the fastest, cheapest way to give your home a new, fresh look. But if you're looking for a fast, affordable way to give your interior a reboot, you probably aren't looking to hire someone to do it. A do-it-yourself painting project can definitely save you time and money, but if you don't know the right techniques, your home might end up looking worse than when you started. If you're moving into a new home or even renovating your current home, follow these interior painting tips before you start your DIY project. Read More 

Three Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Wood Siding

Wood siding was once a standard choice on most homes, but there are many options available today that rival wood in both appearance and durability. These include vinyl siding, metal siding, and fiber cement siding—with metal and fiber cement providing some of the longest lasting alternatives to traditional wood. You can even repaint nonwood siding options, so you still have the versatility to change the look of your home in the future. Read More 

How To Properly Wire A Ceiling Light

Adding a decorative light fixture to the ceiling of a room can add a lot of class to a room. If you have a standard light box in your ceiling that already has a live power source, you can install most standard fixtures quite easily. You will need to have some basic knowledge of electric wiring systems and some simple tools. This article explains how to quickly and safely install a light fixture. Read More 

How To Use Stencils To Number Your Parking Lot Spots

If you have a large number of employees and a vast parking lot, chances are good that you are going to want to organize who parks where. You might have a few spots close to the door that are used for employee of the month rewards, another section that's reserved for clients, and certain areas where people who go to different parts of the building should park. The easiest way to do this is to number all of your spots. Read More