Need Some Home Office Space? Use A Closet!

If you're like most people, you want as much closet space as possible, but you also might have a closet that you can easily empty out and store the contents elsewhere. If this is your situation, you can turn that closet into a mini office and keep all your paperwork, bills and computer equipment safely tucked away and out of sight when you're not working. If you want to take on the majority of this project yourself, go ahead and empty that closet, store the items elsewhere and then follow these steps. Read More 

Removal Tips For Numerous Screws Or Staples While Refinishing A Hardwood Floor

You recently bought an older home, ripped up the carpeting, and found a reasonably decent wooden floor underneath. Chances are good that the floor will still need to be refinished, stained, and sealed. That's a fairly straightforward though time consuming process that starts with a power sander. But the resurfacing project becomes a bit more difficult if previous owners have used a number of screws or staples in the floor over the years. Read More 

Air Conditioning System Inefficiency: The Cause & Solution

Are you living in a home that has an air conditioning system that does a poor job of producing cold air? There are multiple parts working together for efficient cold air production, but the most important part that can be causing the problem is the evaporator coil. In out below how an air conditioning system produces cold air, as well as what kind of repair might be necessary.  How Does an Air Conditioner Work to Produce Cold Air? Read More 

How To Clean Your Carpet Using Things You Already Have In Your House

Everyone wants clean carpet, but some homeowners may hesitate to use chemical cleaners where pets and children play. Whether you're worried about the ingredients in commercial cleaners, or you've simply run out of carpet cleaner and need something to sop up a spill in a pinch, these simple household products can help you remove stains, eliminate odors and keep your carpet looking fresh. Cornmeal Trying to soak up a big spill using rags or towels can actually force the liquid deeper into the rug. Read More 

A Few Tips For When You Hire An Excavation Contractor

When you have decided to have a swimming pool or trampoline installed in your back yard, you are going to need to contact an excavation contractor to come prepare the ground. However, to make the job go faster and smoother, here are a few things you can do before the contractor gets there. Clear the Pathway If the contractor is going to be bringing in a big piece of equipment, make sure there is a way for it to get to the location. Read More