Identifying And Dealing With A Meth-Contaminated Home

According to some reports, there were approximately 7,531 cases throughout the United States where methamphetamine labs, equipment, and dump sites were found. Many of these places were residential homes, apartments, and hotels. Unfortunately, due to insufficient reporting laws in many areas, people are not adequately informed that their living spaces may be contaminated with meth residue—something that can cause serious illness. Here's how to identify whether your home is contaminated with meth residue and what you can do about it. Read More 

Quick Tips For Keeping Your Air Conditioning Unit In Good Repair

Most air conditioning units will need repair work at one time or another, but there are many things homeowners can do to keep their unit protected and to avoid certain repair bills. A good central air conditioning unit should last a decade or more, but its longevity will often depend on how well it's cared for and protected. Consider some things every homeowner can do to keep their home's air conditioning unit in good repair. Read More 

Keep The Dust Down On Your Road

If you live on an unpaved road, you know that dust is a daily problem. It gets everywhere. Your car gets coated with it. That dust can end up all over your clothes and in your house. It's a daily battle to get rid of the dust and keep it away. If you do live on an unpaved road and you are tired of having that daily battle, there are things that you can do. Read More 

Add A Small, Decorative Path On Your Property

Define your property with a decorative path that leads from your house to your backyard. This improvement will add a considerable amount of beauty to your yard and won't take a lot of time or money to complete. Use The Following List Of Materials small, decorative stones landscape fabric scissors measuring tape wooden posts bark mulch small flowers garden shovel wheelbarrow hose rake Outline The Path And Dig Read More 

How To Choose Between A Space Heater And Your Furnace

When the weather gets cold you may find yourself trying to choose between comfort and low gas and electric bills. Alternatively, you may turn to a space heater to try to keep yourself warm while keeping your energy costs down. While it is true that using a space heater can help you save money, the most important consideration is not what you use, but how you use it. After the consideration of a few different factors, you may find that it's less expensive to continue using your furnace. Read More