How To Choose Between A Space Heater And Your Furnace

When the weather gets cold you may find yourself trying to choose between comfort and low gas and electric bills. Alternatively, you may turn to a space heater to try to keep yourself warm while keeping your energy costs down. While it is true that using a space heater can help you save money, the most important consideration is not what you use, but how you use it. After the consideration of a few different factors, you may find that it's less expensive to continue using your furnace. Read More 

How To Inspect And Replace The Thermocouple On Your Gas Furnace

If the pilot light on your gas furnace keeps going out, the thermocouple may be to blame. This device is hooked directly to the pilot light and can sense when the pilot light is lit, signaling the gas valve to open. You can inspect and replace this part with a few, simple steps. After adjustments are made to the current one or a new one has been installed, your furnace will operate as it usually does. Read More 

Tips For Mixing Concrete Like A Pro

When you're making any kind of concrete structure in your yard, the first step is making sure that you've got the mix right. Mixing concrete isn't overly complicated, but you'll need the right consistency for it to harden and last as long as possible. Adding too little water will result in concrete that doesn't adhere. When you add too much water, you'll get a soupy mess that doesn't set up. Here are some tips to help you mix concrete that will set and last for years to come. Read More 

Reasons To Consider Impact Windows

If you live in an area of the country where tornadoes, hurricanes or even just high winds are prevalent, you're probably used to heading down into the basement every once in a while to stay safe. While that's always a good idea, what if you could dramatically reduce the chances of something hazardous happening to your home simply by calling a windows contractor? There are now windows sturdy enough to withstand a large amount of force from the elements. Read More 

Why Granite Is An Ideal Kitchen Countertop Material

There are many great types of countertops that you can install in your kitchen, such as from Commonwealth Countertops. In a kitchen environment, you will want a countertop that is waterproof and able to withstand sharp objects and hot items. At the same time, you want a countertop product that is beautiful and stylish. Granite countertops are the perfect product because they are extremely functional yet very stylish and unique. They will add a touch of class to any cabinet system. Read More