Getting Into Woodworking? 2 Essential Pieces Of Safety Equipment You Need

Once you develop an interest in making furniture, you might be ready to take a woodworking class, buy a few tools, and start making pieces for your home. Unfortunately, saws and sandpaper aren't the only tools you will need to work that wood safely. Here are two essential pieces of safety equipment you will need, so that you can avoid trouble and enjoy your new hobby: 1: Safety Glasses Sure, you might wear those safety goggles when your woodworking instructor is around, but when you are at home, you might let things slide a little. Read More 

How to Clean and Protect Your RV Awning

Your RV awning takes care of you on sunny days by allowing you to enjoy the weather without having to worry about getting too much sun. Take care of it well and prolong your awning's life by washing your awning regularly by following these tips. Rinse the Dirt Off the Awning One of the easiest ways to clean an awning is to hose it down every month with clear water. While this won't completely clean the awning, it is very efficient. Read More 

Need Some Home Office Space? Use A Closet!

If you're like most people, you want as much closet space as possible, but you also might have a closet that you can easily empty out and store the contents elsewhere. If this is your situation, you can turn that closet into a mini office and keep all your paperwork, bills and computer equipment safely tucked away and out of sight when you're not working. If you want to take on the majority of this project yourself, go ahead and empty that closet, store the items elsewhere and then follow these steps. Read More 

Removal Tips For Numerous Screws Or Staples While Refinishing A Hardwood Floor

You recently bought an older home, ripped up the carpeting, and found a reasonably decent wooden floor underneath. Chances are good that the floor will still need to be refinished, stained, and sealed. That's a fairly straightforward though time consuming process that starts with a power sander. But the resurfacing project becomes a bit more difficult if previous owners have used a number of screws or staples in the floor over the years. Read More 

Air Conditioning System Inefficiency: The Cause & Solution

Are you living in a home that has an air conditioning system that does a poor job of producing cold air? There are multiple parts working together for efficient cold air production, but the most important part that can be causing the problem is the evaporator coil. In out below how an air conditioning system produces cold air, as well as what kind of repair might be necessary.  How Does an Air Conditioner Work to Produce Cold Air? Read More