Mitigating Your Risks Of Plumbing Disasters After You Buy A Home

One of the biggest investments people make is when they buy a home. Because of this, home inspections are done beforehand so that prospective buyers are able to see what may be wrong with the home before they buy. Home inspections can discover problems, and repairs can be made if necessary. However, there are a few important things new homeowners should do regarding the plumbing system soon after they purchase their new homes. Read More 

4 Tips To Ensure You Install Your Vinyl Siding Effectively

If you have vinyl siding that you want to install on your home, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve to ensure that you do an effective job that will last for a long time. 1. Use A Wide Start Strip The first thing you need to do is make sure that you order a wide starter strip. There are thinner or wider starter strips, so you are going to want to want to make sure that you purchase a larger start strip. Read More 

Four Signs You Need To Replace Your Exterior Door

Doors serve more than one purpose. They are a barrier between the inside of your home and the great outdoors. They keep burglars out and keep your family safe inside, and they also include windows so you can look out the door and see the world passing by. When a door ages, it stops serving these functions as well as it should. But how do you know when it is time to get rid of your door and replace it with a new one? Read More 

Raw Vs. Prefabricated Hardwood Floors

When it comes to flooring, hardwood is extremely popular. It is a desirable product that can be used in just about any room. Of course, not all hardwood products are the same. They vary in price, style, insulation, and ease of installation. So, you need to consider some of the most popular products before you make any big decisions. This article takes a quick look at the main differences between raw hardwood and prefabricated hardwood. Read More 

Protect Your Home Before And After The Storm

If your area is prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or any natural disasters that could damage your home, you need a plan for before and after disaster strikes. Boarding up the home is important, but you also need a plan for when nature overcomes human-made protections. Here are a few before and after planning points to keep in mind as storm season--or any disaster situation--threatens to make a mark on your area:  Read More