Preventing Swamp Monsters With Basement Waterproofing

Your kids might like the idea of a swamp in the basement, but a cesspool is probably not the amenity you are looking for in your home.  There is no question that a wet basement is going to hurt your home's value, but it could also be creating health hazards.  Wet basements can quickly become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can lead to many allergy and respiratory issues. Read More 

Two Common Myths About Tempered Glass You Should Disregard

There are many different types of glass you can choose for your home's windows. From conventional to laminated, each other brings its own unique set of benefits to your home. Unfortunately, tempered glass is surrounded by common misconceptions that may cause people to fail to consider this option for their homes. By dispelling two of the most common myths, you can help ensure you make an informed decision about which type of glass your home needs. Read More 

3 Ways To Increase The Security Of Your Home’s Garage

When it comes to residential homes, garage doors and windows are favorite entry points for thieves. The garage gives them privacy from the neighbors as they're breaking in, and many people leave the door between their home and garage unlocked. A thief might also break into your garage to steal the sporting goods and equipment, bicycles, and other expensive items you own and store in your garage, and be gone within minutes. Read More