Why An ALTA Land Survey Matters When Purchasing A Piece Of Commercial Real Estate

If you are purchasing a piece of commercial property, your lender may require that you get an ALTA survey done to ensure that the piece of property is exactly what any previous surveys or titles claim the property states it is. There are many issues that can be uncovered in an ALTA survey, and this is because the process is an extensive, specific survey that shows the boundaries of the property, any changes to the landscape, new fences, easements, and anything that could affect the ownership of the property being sold. A regular boundary survey is not going to show the details you need when it comes to investing in a commercial piece of property and determining if it sufficient for building.

The Plat Survey Official Map

A plat survey is an official map of the parcel of land that is surveyed. It is designed to determine exact boundaries, either for homeowners or for commercial property buyers who want to know exactly where their boundaries are. it is a sophisticated map of the land that includes public access to the property, fence lines, and boundaries that are compared to previous surveys done on the property. It's a document that describes the land exactly as it is at the time of the survey.

Zoning and Your ALTA Land Survey

The ALTA land survey identifies the proper zoning of the property you want to purchase. If your goal is to put up a strip mall or a large apartment complex, you need to make sure that the land is properly zoned. If there are wetlands or other property issues that prevent the building of large structures, you will want to know this before the property is purchased. Your ALTA land survey is done to protect you and your lender against the purchase of a property that is not suitable for your commercial needs.

Your commercial lender is likely to require an ALTA land survey when you want to make a large investment, as this is the most comprehensive land survey available. You will be able to know if there are any easements on the property that would prevent building in an area, or make it difficult for you to build the structure you want to. When an ALTA survey is done, you will know the exact parameters of the property and will be able to determine if the property is right for you or not.

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