4 Tips to Deal with Hazardous Surprises When Doing Historic Restorations

If you have recently bought a historic property, you may be ready to begin restorations. During the process of repairs and improvements, there are going to be hazards that you will encounter. Knowing how to deal with the hazards will make it easier to complete the work. The following tips will help you deal with the hazardous surprises that you encounter when doing historic renovations:

1. Hidden Problems with Old Lead Materials Found Around Your Home

There are problems that may be hidden under layers of old paint or in the plumbing of your home. Lead paint can be a serious hazard in your home that you want to deal with. Have lead paint abatement done to deal with the hazards of old lead paint. In addition, lead can also be found in old shower pan liners and plumbing connections. Remove these materials to ensure your home is safe.

2. The Hidden Dangers of Asbestos That Are Found in Homes from Different Eras

In addition to lead paint and plumbing materials, you may also have a problem if asbestos building materials were used in your home. Some of the asbestos materials that you want to be aware of include siding, insulation, and textured wall finishes. If you suspect asbestos has been used in your home, have it tested and removed to reduce health hazards.

3. Problems with Sewage Contamination Found in Homes for Different Reasons

Another problem that you may find in older homes is failing plumbing systems. These issues can lead to problems with sewage waste getting into or around your home and causing hazards. To prevent these problems, inspect all your plumbing drain lines, as well as sewer and septic lines outside, for issues that need to be repaired.

4. Mold Problems That Come from Old Water Damage and Moisture Issues in Older Homes

Mold is another issue that you may have when doing renovations to an older home. These are usually issues that are associated with water and moisture problems. If your home has ever been flooded or has issues with moisture in a basement or crawl space, you will want to test for mold and have the removal done if there are any problems found during the testing.

These are some tips to help you deal with the repairs and improvements that need to be done during renovations. If you need help with hazards, contact a business like Colfax Corporation and talk with them about lead paint abatement and other services that you may need to deal with hazards.