Having a Water Well Dug on Your Property? 2 Tips to Keep It Maintained

If you do not have access to a water supply on your property or do not want to use municipal water, having a water well dug on your property is a good option. Once it is installed, however, you need to learn how to keep the water well maintained. This will help prevent problems in the future and ensure your water is safe to drink and use. Below are two maintenance tips so you can keep your water flowing.

Hire a Professional

Once a year, hire a certified or licensed water well drilling company to come to your property to perform maintenance. The contractor will check all internal components, the water pump, and more. If they find problems, they can either repair the part or replace it. This will save you money as the problem will become much worse if it is not repaired.

Besides inspecting internal components, the contractor will test the water for bacteria. If there is an excess of bacteria in the well, your water will taste different. The water may also have an odor and not be as clear as it once was. If they find bacteria, there are things they can do to remove it from the water. For example, there are tablets they can put in the water to kill the bacteria. Once they do this, they will check the water again to make sure the bacteria are gone.

The contractor will also check the cover that is over the well. It is important that this cover is in good condition. If not, someone could remove it much easier and fall into the well. You could then be sued. The contractor will replace the lid if they see any problems.

Perform Ongoing Maintenance

Along with having the septic tank maintained, there are ongoing maintenance steps you can take. For example, keep all hazardous chemicals away from the well. This includes things like motor oil, pesticides, fertilizers, and paints.

If you do any type of landscaping, make sure the ground slopes away from your water well so there is proper drainage. When working around the well, such as when you are mowing, be careful that the mower does not run into the well and damage it.  Do not let leaves, snow, and other debris pile up around the well. Talk to a water well company like Jackson Well Services about this information. They can give you more maintenance and explain things to you in more detail.