Crawl Space Neglected? Encapsulate This Space To Offer Many Benefits

If you look into your crawlspace right now, you likely see a dark place full of dirt, insects, and much more. Instead, you could encapsulate this space to make it look much better. Below is how your crawl space is encapsulated and the benefits of doing this.

Encapsulating a Crawl Space

Encapsulating a crawl space is a big job, and you should hire a professional to do this for you.  The exact way they do this does depend on the professional you hire, but in most cases, these professionals encapsulate in the same way.

The first thing they will do is install lighting, as the crawl space is dark. This lighting will be temporary. If you want permanent lighting, ask the professional to install this for you. They can do this after the crawl space is encapsulated.

The contractor will take everything out of the crawl space that can be moved. They may find things like remodeling and building debris, rocks, metal, concrete, and more. If you have not always owned the home, you never know what the previous owner put in this space.

The contractor will then measure the crawl space. They need to know the height and length of the foundation walls, the floor space, and how large the access door is. The contractor will also check for any water and to see if you have registers in this space that brings air into your home from an HVAC unit.

The contractor hangs a vapor barrier onto all walls, floor, and ceiling. When finished, the entire crawl space will be covered. This vapor barrier comes in rolls, and the contractor will cut the material according to the measurements they took earlier. Once the vapor barrier is installed, all seams will be tightly sealed using a special type of tape.

When finished, the contractor will install some type of dehumidifier to condition the air in the crawl space.

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulating

There are many benefits of encapsulating your crawl space including:

  • Makes this space safe and clean
  • Can use the crawl space for storage
  • Prevent moisture damage
  • Remove musty odors
  • Prevent mold and mildew from growing in this space
  • Keeps the humidity low
  • Prevent hardwood floors from buckling due to wetness in the crawl space.

Talk with a company such as one found through that can provide this service to you. They can go over all this information with you in much more detail, so you can understand what happens on the day they come to your home.