Protect Your Home Before And After The Storm

If your area is prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or any natural disasters that could damage your home, you need a plan for before and after disaster strikes. Boarding up the home is important, but you also need a plan for when nature overcomes human-made protections. Here are a few before and after planning points to keep in mind as storm season--or any disaster situation--threatens to make a mark on your area: 

Boarding And Area Clearing

With hurricanes and tornadoes, the big risk is projectiles and falling objects. You can't do much to stop objects from yards or even miles away from being picked up by a tornado and thrown into your window, but you can make your windows more likely to survive the encounter.

Boarding windows is a well-known, simple task. You just need enough boards to nail across windows and possible doors, or a wide enough single sheet that is thick enough to protect against projectiles. The thickness and density of the wood matters, so it's best to ask a professional arborist or construction professional about wood strength.

A step up from window boarding would be adding storm shutters. Shutters can defend your windows from projectiles without adding significant cosmetic damage to the building, and with proper installation, you don't need to change the shutters throughout the years.

Simply close the shutters during storm situations and open them when you want to enjoy the sun. They're not all blocky and industrial looking; you can find many storm shutter designs that offer hurricane and tornado-grade strength while delivering home decor charm.

If there are any trees in the yard that could fall onto your building, it's best to trim or completely cut them before the storm. Large trees that are mainstays of the family or community can have any limbs that reach too close to the building, and the limbs can be cut down efficiently by a tree removal specialist.

Post-Storm Cleanup

After a storm, it's time to assess those damages. If you didn't work with any kind of protective measures before the storm, luck is all you have. For those who didn't make it through the storm without any personal or property loss, it's time to replace those windows, doors, and other building materials.

You may have a few trees that are weakened because of the storm, or completely knocked down. A tree removal specialist can handle fallen and weakened trees, but if you have any concerns about your local trees, just ask for a consultation.

Contact a tree removal professional to figure out if favorite trees need to be cut down, or if they simply need supports and a slight trim.