Roll Tide: Keeping Your Boat Clean In A High Tide Area

Owning your own boat is like owning your own little slice of heaven. You can take your boat off the dock anytime you wish, whether the early morning or late afternoon, for a pleasure cruise. Being able to sit out on the lake in the serenity of the water and the expansiveness of the sea gives you a lot of time to think and appreciate. Bringing your boat back in to park can seem simple, but keeping care of your boat on a dock is actually a process. If you are docking your boat in an area with high tides, it can be easy for your boat to take water and receive some damage. Use these options to keep your boat clean, safe, and ready to go out anytime you desire. 

Get a high boat lift

Any area with a high tide will require the use of a boat lift. Boat lifts will protect your boat from becoming submerged in water every time the tide comes in. At your boat dock, you should install a high boat lift to park your boat. A swinger lift can make it easy to lift up your boat so that it is unable to be touched by the tide. The lift will be able to come down and up, which will allow you to lift the boat at high tide, but lower the budget to make sure you are able to load onto the boat with ease. A high boat lift will be a long term investment, which is crucial if you intend on keeping your boat at the dock long term. 

Install a boat cover

Just like cars have covers, boats can have covers. If the tide tends to come in and splash your boat, you may find yourself with a constant cleaning schedule. This can also lead to rust which can cause your boat mechanical issues in the long run. A boat cover that protects the total interior of your boat should be used every time you pull into the dock slip. Be sure that the boat cover has a drawstring or is specially made to fit tightly on your boat. The cover should also be made of a waterproof material that will repel water instead of allowing it to soak in. A good boat cover will make you favorite water vehicle nearly water proof while your boat is on the lift.