Turning A Deck Into A Sunroom Yourself May Not Be As Easy As You Think

If you are thinking about having an addition to your house for more living space, you may wonder if you could turn the deck into a sunroom. While it is definitely possible, there are a few things you must consider before starting the work. It would be a good idea to talk with a professional builder and discuss the problems you may encounter along the way. Here are a few things you should discuss and ask about.

The Foundation

If your deck does not sit on the ground and has piers or footers holding it up, you will definitely need to add to them or build a foundation and move the deck down to it. When you consider the added weight of the walls, roofing, and any furnishings you plan on putting in the room, your current setup is not going to be strong enough to support it all. In addition, the extra living space is probably going to get much more traffic and use than a simple deck. You need this new addition to be stable and strong.

The Windows

Since you are planning a sunroom, you will want a lot of windows to allow the sun to beam into it. You will need to decide whether you want some or all of these windows to open and allow in fresh air. If you will have them open, be sure to plan for screens to keep out insects and wind-blown debris. In addition, consider having skylights or part of the roof made with glass panels. This will help with the amount of sun coming in if the room is not facing the right direction for maximum sunlight. Be sure to talk with the contractor about the most energy efficient glass or windows to ensure you are not wasting energy trying to keep the room comfortable.

The Space

It is important to know how you plan on using the space. If it will be a sitting area, make sure there will be enough room for the furniture you are planning on putting in it without making it crowded. You may not want to have fabric furniture near a wall of glass or windows. Keep in mind that the more windows you have, the less wall space will be available. This may drastically change how you plan on using the room. You may end up having to enlarge the original deck to accommodate your plans for the new addition.

A contractor can help make sure you are on the right track with your plans. He or she can also help with any permits you need to keep things legal. You may even find that it would be better to have the contractor do most of the work to ensure everything is done to code.You can always do the interior yourself if you feel you must take part in the room's creation.

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