How To Prep And Patch Fascia Boards

You don't need to be a construction expert to repair your roofline. If you have a gutter that is sagging because the soffit and fascia boards are deteriorating, you will want to fix the wood as soon as possible. A deteriorating fascia board will not only look bad, but it could also compromise the structural integrity of your entire roof line. This is why it is so important to repair your fascia as soon as you notice problems. That is, if you notice peeling paint, warped wood, swelling, and separated wood grains, you should repair your fascia as soon as possible. This article explains the best way to prepare and patch a wooden fascia board.

Prepping and Sanding the Wood

Preparation is a vital part of this job. If you don't properly prepare the wood before patching it, there's a good chance the patch and paint finish will not last long. The most important thing is to make sure that your wood is equally smooth throughout. Use a vibrating power sander to sand down any rough spots and even out the finish. You also need to clean and prepare any holes in the wood before patching them. Using a small piece of sandpaper, you can help to bore and smooth out the damaged area. If you try to apply the patch in a rough-hewn hole, it probably won't stick very well or last long. It is also very important that you don't try and sand off all of the paint. Instead, you want to focus on smoothing out the rough parts of the wood.

Patching Your Holes

The key to patching wood is to use waterproof exterior wood putty. You also want to make sure that to apply a liberal amount of patch so you can fill in the entire hole. Don't worry about spreading the patch flat. Instead, put it on thick and then sand it flat once it dries. Often, after sanding, you will need to reapply a little more patch to fill any holes or air pockets that were exposed. To finish the job off, you need to prime and paint the patched spot. It is usually easier to just paint the entire board so you have no issues with the new paint matching the existing paint.

This job does require a lot of sanding, so be prepared and have some extra sheets so you can change your paper as the job progresses. It also requires working from atop a ladder, so be patient and careful. If you feel you cannot do this yourself, it is best to contact professional roofing contractors, such as those at Economy Roofing.