The ABCs Of Keeping A Commercial Roofing Project Stress-Free For Customers

When you own a commercial business, you can bet that at some point, you, your staff, and even your customers will have to deal with a commercial roofing project. Maintaining the roof of your business is just one way to protect your investment for the long haul. However, a roofing project does bring about a few concerns when it comes to how it will affect your customers. Even though it can seem like a major undertaking, it is possible to get through the ordeal without seeing a major interference with customer flow. There is a simple ABC rule set to remember to help you make sure that a commercial roofing project has as little of an effect as possible on your business. 

Always keep your customers informed about the upcoming roofing project. 

It is best to let your customers know in advance that your business will be undergoing some roofing construction so they can steer clear of the area at certain times if they would not feel comfortable shopping with you throughout the project. You have to be mindful of some customers who may be sensitive to the added noise overhead, such as those who have small children or developmental disabilities. 

Be sure to make alternate parking arrangements if necessary. 

As the roofing company works to complete a roof replacement on a commercial business, they will have to be in specific areas working at different points in the project. This may mean that some parking areas will be off limits temporarily. Therefore, it is a good idea to make arrangements with nearby businesses or parking garages that can handle your customer traffic for a few days. 

Close off portions of your store if necessary. 

If the noise inside of the building during a roofing project gets to be too much or if there is a danger of dirt and debris falling from overhead, it is always a good idea to close off these areas until that specific area is complete just to keep customers safe. This can be accomplished with construction tape or even temporary construction fencing and will give you peace of mind knowing that no one will be in harm's way. 

Don't allow customers around the work area outside of the building. 

Customers are always curious to see work taking place on a business they frequent and passersby may even wish to stop and watch. Just make sure that the customers on foot are not able to make their way to the edge of the building where workers are completing the roofing project. It can be dangerous because of all of the heavy tools that are in use and the debris that could be falling from overhead. Post signs, set up barricades, or whatever else it takes to keep customers out of the construction areas.