How To Properly Wire A Ceiling Light

Adding a decorative light fixture to the ceiling of a room can add a lot of class to a room. If you have a standard light box in your ceiling that already has a live power source, you can install most standard fixtures quite easily. You will need to have some basic knowledge of electric wiring systems and some simple tools. This article explains how to quickly and safely install a light fixture.

Turn off the Power

First, you want to cut the power to the light box. This does not mean you just need to flip the light switch to off. You need to find the breaker and make sure it is flipped off. It is still better to be safe than sorry, so you should avoid touching the exposed wires. There should be three wires coming from the light fixture. The white is the neutral, while the black is the current and the copper is the ground (it is not coated). Pull the wires from the light fixture as far as they will go, so you will have more wire to work with. Do the same with the wires coming from the ceiling. NOTE: The will only be 2 wires coming from the actual light box: white and black.

Securing the Ground Wire

It is a good idea to attach the ground wire first. This is easy to identify because it is copper and it is not wrapped in rubber. It will be secured to he base of your new light fixture by simply being tightened under the head of a small bolt. Loosen the bolt slightly before you climb up the ladder. Wrap the ground wire around the bolt several times and then hand tighten it until it is secure. At this point the light fixture can safely hang from the ceiling while you work to attach the power supply.

Attaching the Power Supply

Now, you need to attach the matching wires. With your fingers, try to twist the wires around each other and then secure them with a wire nut. Keep twisting the wire nut until it cannot get any tighter. Once both wires are securely attach you can assemble the light fixture and secure the canopy. Most light fixtures are very easy to install and don't require any special tools beyond a screwdriver.

Turn the power back on in the room and test your new light fixture. If everything was properly attached, your room should be perfectly lit. If you run into problems, or don't feel comfortable doing this kind of project, don't hesitate to call a professional like Narducci Electric.