How To Use Stencils To Number Your Parking Lot Spots

If you have a large number of employees and a vast parking lot, chances are good that you are going to want to organize who parks where. You might have a few spots close to the door that are used for employee of the month rewards, another section that's reserved for clients, and certain areas where people who go to different parts of the building should park. The easiest way to do this is to number all of your spots. Here's how you can easily accomplish this.

1. Decide How You Want to Number Your Spots

Most spot numbering systems use three numbers to identify each spot. However, if you have more than 999 spots, you might want to consider using a letter followed by two numbers if you have a multi-floor parking garage and have less than 99 spots on each floor. Choose a numbering method and stick to it in order for this method to be effective.

2. Place Your Stencils Down

Next, place your stencils down in the first spot that you want to number. This spot is going to set the precedence for the rest of the spots so make sure that you have the numbers in the precise area of the spot that you want. Tape down the stencils so that they don't move around. Then, take a piece of tape and place it at the top of the stencils. Have this tape extend into the other parking spots in order to mark the top of each of the numbers so that you can be consistent about your number placement.

3. Spray the Stencils

Use a can of spray paint to spray the stencils until the numbers are clearly visible. While you wait for a few minutes, start setting up the next spot using whatever numbers are currently available to you. The entire process will go faster if you have more than one stencil of each number so that you don't have to wait for 403 to dry in order to set up 404. When the paint is relatively dry, pull up the tape and remove the stencil.

Keep extending the line that marks the top of the stencils down the entire row parking spaces. When you hit the end, measure the precise number of inches that the top of the stencils fall from the bottom of the parking space. Use this measurement to set a piece of guiding tape in the next row of spaces in order to keep your placement as consistent as possible.

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