Air Conditioning System Inefficiency: The Cause & Solution

Are you living in a home that has an air conditioning system that does a poor job of producing cold air? There are multiple parts working together for efficient cold air production, but the most important part that can be causing the problem is the evaporator coil. In out below how an air conditioning system produces cold air, as well as what kind of repair might be necessary. 

How Does an Air Conditioner Work to Produce Cold Air?

When you turn on your air conditioner, the blower fan creates air that is sufficient enough for the temperature that you are trying to reach on the thermostat. However, the air must travel through the evaporator coil before it will get cold. The evaporator coil is constructed out of metal that gets cold when the system coolant is transformed into a gas.

Although the majority of cooling down air happens in the evaporator coil, the air must also pass through the condenser coil. The condenser coil is connected to the system heat pump. When air from the evaporator coil makes it to the condenser coil, the heat pump is able to pull out any warm air that is still present in it. The warm air is sent outside, while cool air is pulled into your house from the outside and mixed with the air from the evaporator coil.

What Kind of Repair is Required When Cold Air is Insufficient?

When the system coolant turns into cold gas, it may not cool the metal evaporator coil if there is dirt creating a barrier. A specialist will have to access the evaporator coil and remove the dirt in order for air from the blower to get cold. If there are cracks in the evaporator coil, they must be sealed. You may need to get the coil replaced if the cracks are too large for sealing them to be an effective repair.

The condenser coil must also be cleaned and sealed if it is dirty or cracked. The heat pump that is connected to the condenser coil may need a repair if it has stopped exchanging warm air between the inside and outside of your home. Repairing the pump may involve cleaning, repairing or replacing it, but it depends on what the specialist finds wrong during the inspection. Get in touch with a repair expert (such as one from Central Aire Conditioning) so he or she can fix your air conditioning system so you can start feeling cold air again!