A Few Tips For When You Hire An Excavation Contractor

When you have decided to have a swimming pool or trampoline installed in your back yard, you are going to need to contact an excavation contractor to come prepare the ground. However, to make the job go faster and smoother, here are a few things you can do before the contractor gets there.

Clear the Pathway

If the contractor is going to be bringing in a big piece of equipment, make sure there is a way for it to get to the location. This may mean that you need to remove a couple posts and some fencing around the backyard. Clear away any tables, swing sets and other backyard paraphernalia.

Mark the Location

Set up some posts, and run a string around them showing where the pool or trampoline is going to be. Often, the contractor will come out and do this, but it is a good idea for you to have the area marked before he or she ever shows up. If any adjustments need to be made to your setup area, the contractor can discuss them with you so everyone understands exactly where the digging will take place and how much room it will use.

Find Somewhere to Take the Dirt

Excavators do the excavating; they do not haul off the dirt. Unless you have a few acres to spread the dirt over, you are going to need to find somewhere to take it all if you have an in-ground pool dug. You will also need to find a company to haul it all. Arrange to have the truck at your house before the excavator starts working, and the dirt can be placed into the truck immediately. You may be lucky and have an excavator that will haul the dirt away, but you will still need to provide the location for the dirt to go to.

Save Some of the Dirt

Do not have the company haul away all the dirt if you having the area excavated for a trampoline. You are going to need to use some of the dirt to make a ramp around the inside of the trampoline frame. This is used to keep it steady and provide support.

It is also a good idea to have the pool company ready to put the pool in as soon as the hole is dug. This keeps any dirt from falling back into the pool area and making for an uneven bottom. Using as excavator for an above ground pool is a good idea too. It can take you many hours of digging and adjusting to get the area level. An excavator can dig down an inch or two and have the whole area even and level in an hour or so. Contact an excavation contractor, like Rita's Equipment Rental & Trash Disposal, for more information on how to prepare for your excavation session.