Four Ways to Create an above-Ground Pool Area That Looks Like an in-Ground Pool

If you want to have an affordable pool solution for your home, above-ground pools can be great. In some areas, it may be the only choice you have if there is a moratorium on in-ground pools. They can also be great for homes with a limited amount of space, and you can save a lot of money. With all of these benefits, you may still want to make your above-ground pool as enjoyable as an in-ground pool. Here are some improvements that can help you get the most out of your above-ground pool area.

1. Using a Deck for an in-Ground Illusion for Your Pool

Decks can be a great addition to your home and your pool area. Adding a deck around your pool can be a great way to make your pool appear to be more like an in-ground pool. You can also add lattice and a door beneath it to create a storage area for pool supplies and to house your filtration system.

2. Adding a Spa Area to Your Pool Design

If you want to have a complete pool area, you may also want to consider adding a spa. You can use a fiberglass hot tub and build a recessed area in your deck for it.  You can also build a gazebo and use an inflatable spa, which can allow you to use the space for a spa area or for a sitting and entertaining area around your pool.

3. Designing Plants and Landscaping to Blend in with Your Pool

Plants around your above-ground pool are also a good way to improve the design. You can use tall grasses and shrubs around areas of the pool that do not have a deck. It is a good idea to look for plants that do not have too much pollen or leaf debris for this, such as grasses and evergreen plants.

4. Adding Steps to Your above-Ground Pool Design

Steps can be another great addition to your above-ground pool. You can get steps that go inside your pool and do not require any work to install. There are also exterior steps that can be attached to the liner and make your pool appear more like an in-ground pool. These steps will require some work to install, but will give your pool more of a custom look.

There are many ways that you can make an above-ground pool just as enjoyable as an in-ground pool. If you need help with the installation, repairs or improvements to your above-ground pool, contact a pool repair contractor like Pool Service Co. to get the help you need with your pool.