How To Save Money When Hiring An Elevator Maintenance Service

Are you interested in hiring an elevator maintenance service, but want to keep costs down while doing it? Then you should take the time to learn the different ways in which you can negotiate a lower cost when setting up the contract. By doing so you might get as much as 10-20% off the fee, and that will results in worthwhile savings.

Therefore, read on for the variety of ways that you can reduce your costs when hiring an elevator maintenance service:

Annual price adjustments: The majority of contracts will have a clause that will increase the cost of the services offered in line with the rise of inflation, or some other percentage. Most people looking to hire elevator maintenance services ignore this point, because they think this is a small increase in cost that's meaningless, but it can add up to hundreds of dollars over the long term. Therefore, negotiate with the elevator maintenance service to reduce the annual percentage increase.

Discounts: It is a good idea to ask for discounts if you are setting up a contract that is of a large size. For example, if you are hiring the elevator maintenance service for multiple buildings, then it is not unreasonable to request a 10-20% discount across all buildings.

Also there is something called the low occupancy discount – this means you'll get a discount if for extended periods of time your building is empty and the elevators are not going to be in use.

Furthermore, you can get a discount if you increase the length of the contract. Therefore, if you think that you will be using the service for a long time to come, then it makes financial sense to commit to them and in return get a cheaper service.

Avoid overtime repair: To cut costs on elevator maintenance services try to have them arrive on site only during the normal working hours. If you ask them to arrive late in the evenings, at night or on weekends then they might charge you double the cost.

Check before calling in the professionals: In some cases, the nature of the elevator problem might be very easy to fix, and therefore the professionals are not needed. Examples of things that you can repair in-house include moisture induced stuck buttons and debris that might have got caught in the door causing it to jam. A simple 10 minute inspection could save you hundreds of dollars in a call out charge by the elevator maintenance service.

If you want to know more, or have other questions, try contacting a company such as Capital Elevator Services Inc. with any questions or concerns you have.