Learn How To Create A Custom Backdrop For Your Next Bathroom Selfie

Taking selfies has quickly become one of the most popular things for people to do. They take pictures of themselves and then post them all over the internet. Many of the selfies are taken in bathrooms because that is the one place in many homes that has a large mirror in which someone can take a picture of their whole body. If you want to jump on the selfie bandwagon, but want to be more unique, consider creating custom backdrops to have in your pictures. The following guide walks you through how to turn your glass shower door into a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your next selfie.

Clean the Glass

Before you start to decorate the glass, you need to be sure that you clean it well. Use glass cleaner to clean anything from the outside of the glass. You will only be putting paint on the exterior glass so thoroughly scrubbing the inside of the glass really is not needed. Rub rubbing alcohol over the glass to ensure that no residue or film is left behind by the cleaner.

Choose Your Design

Next, you need to choose the design you want to create as your backdrop. You can choose to paint a jungle, the beach, or even a carnival. If you are not overly artistic, you can always use washable markers to draw a design on the door and then use the paint to paint over it. You can also hang a picture on the other side of the glass so that you can see the image through it. You then can just trace and copy the image with the paint.

Outline the Image

Mix a tablespoon of white school glue with a teaspoon of black acrylic paint. Use a small paintbrush to outline the edges of the design and then allow the paint to dry for roughly thirty minutes. You are adding glue to the paint so that you can easily peel the glue away from the glass when you are done taking your selfies. This allows you to create as many backdrops as you want without having to worry about the hassle of scrubbing away the paint.

Paint the Design

Mix different colors of paint with glue the same way you mixed the black paint. Add color to the image to give it a bold look. You may need to use different paintbrushes for each color because the bristles will hold onto the glue and will not be easy to clean.

Allow the paint and glue mixture to dry for thirty more minutes and then you can start snapping your selfies. To make them look even more interesting, you could use props and costumes in the pictures. For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Mitchell Window & Door.