3 Things That You Should Do Immediately After Purchasing A New Water Heater

Investing in a new water heater is a pretty big investment, so you probably want to ensure that you'll get as much as possible out of your family's new purchase. After having your new water heater installed, follow these tips as soon as possible.

1. Turn the Heat Down

If you don't adjust your water heater, it will remain set at the factory's natural setting or at the setting that your water heater installation professional set it at. Consult the instruction manual that came with your water heater; the appliance should have an easy-to-read and easy-to-use dial that you can easily set to your preferences. Although you might have different preferences yourself, the standard suggested temperature is a maximum of 120 degrees. This temperature is warm enough for comfortable showers and baths and for sanitary dishwashing but will help prevent scalding if you have children or older people in living in your home. Plus, the lowered temperature will help you save on your electric or gas bill each month.

2. Turn in Your Warranty Paperwork

If you purchased your appliance brand new, your water heater should have come with a warranty. This warranty will allow you to have your water heater repaired or replaced if you have any problems, so it is important to submit the necessary paperwork. You should also take a look at your appliance's owner's manual; the manual should give you any necessary maintenance information so that you can keep your warranty valid.

3. Insulate Your Water Heater Pipes

There are two reasons to insulate your water heater pipes. First, doing so will allow you to lower the water temperature a little bit; then, the water will still be hot, but you can lower your energy costs. Secondly, if your water heater is kept in your basement, garage or another area of your home that isn't climate-controlled, doing so will help prevent damage to your pipes. Otherwise, cold temperatures could cause the water to freeze in the pipes, which could cause your pipes to crack or burst.

After purchasing a brand new water heater, you are probably ready to enjoy the fruits of your purchase by taking a hot shower or bath. There are a few things that you should do first, however. By following these three tips after first purchasing your water heater, you can save money and get the maximum use out of your new appliance. To learn more, visit Two Men And A Snake