Six Sound Reasons To Maintain The Gutters Around Your Home

You probably know that the gutters play an important role in guiding water from the roof away from the house, but do you know what can occur when rain gutters are not maintained? Consider the following six scenarios that can all be effectively prevented with maintained, functioning gutters:

Flooded basements.

Since gutters are designed to direct water off of the roof and away from the home, disrepair may actually force the water around your home's foundation, which can result in flooded basements. In addition to the damage that can be done to your property, water can foster mold and mildew growth in your cellar or crawl-space, which may have health repercussions for your family.

Siding stains.

When water leaks through sagging segments of rain gutters, it can slide down the side of the house and potentially stain your facade or siding. Water that is trapped in gutter segments may be discolored or dirty, which further jeopardizes a pristine appearance and can result in some unsightly stains on your house.

Safety precautions.

An ill-maintained gutter system poses a potential risk to anyone walking under or near the property. When these gutters let go, if they get heavy from leaves and debris or water, and detach from the house, they could fall and harm people, cars, and your personal property.

Soggy turf.

When the rain gutters are not directing water the way that they should, they may end up pooling water on areas of your lawn or turf. This can create a soggy mess that may subsequently kill your grass and impact your property's curb appeal.

Concrete seepage.

Gutters that don't direct water away from your home and foundation can seep into the concrete and cause premature deterioration of the porous foundation. This may result in cracks, crumbling, and basically foundation issues that can be pricey to repair.

Roof leaks.

If the gutter doesn't lead water away from the roof when it storms or rains, it can puddle on sections of your roof. This water and weight may result in leaks in your roof. Furthermore, this water may destroy shingles and cause you to need roofing repairs imminently.

The key to maintaining rain gutters is to address leaks, sags, and other issues promptly, before the water can stray and do damage to your home. Talk with contractors or home improvement retailers about any issues you are experiencing to discover the most practical solutions and fixes for your rain gutter system.