2 Types Of Siding That Are Durable And Beautiful

If you are going to build a custom home, then picking the exterior material for your home can be a challenge because there are many excellent choices. If you want siding that is both durable and beautiful, then consider these 2 exterior options.


First, stone is an excellent siding option for your home whether you want to use it on the entire exterior or on just on the bottom portion of the home. You can do stone that has been cemented together, or you can get do stacked stones that stay put together because of their design.

Either of these types of stone will work and will provide protection to your home from wind, rain, snow, and hail. 

One of the great things about stone is that you can select many color combinations. Some are more neutral like sand, and others have various shades of purple, red, and tan. This will still allow you to customize your home with the color palate you desire.

In addition to its beautiful appearance, stone is easy to repair and replace if any of it gets damaged. Damage should not happen often, but sometimes severe storms can crack a stone or two. You can simply pull the stones out if they are part of a stack, and then they can be replaced.

Hardy Plank

The other excellent option is Hardy plank. This type of material looks like wood, but it is really just a composite material that is very durable and is not susceptible to termites. If you do real wood siding, then you will always have to worry about termites, rotting, and mold forming because wood can hold moisture.

Hardy plank, however, is very durable, it looks like wood, and it can be painted any color that you want. This siding can be used on part or all of your home, and it will give your home a craftsman style that is very popular right now.

The planks overlap each other, so water and debris cannot get past the planks when there is bad weather. Also, rain and snow will slide right off the planks so that moisture does not collect. In addition, ice cannot form as easily on these planks and separate them, so it should be rare that you have to replace or repair anything.

By using one or both of these options, you can create a beautiful, durable exterior that will be sure to impress. Talk to your local siding experts, such as Allstate Gutter & Siding, for more information.