Quick Tips For Keeping Your Air Conditioning Unit In Good Repair

Most air conditioning units will need repair work at one time or another, but there are many things homeowners can do to keep their unit protected and to avoid certain repair bills. A good central air conditioning unit should last a decade or more, but its longevity will often depend on how well it's cared for and protected. Consider some things every homeowner can do to keep their home's air conditioning unit in good repair.

1. Keep the unit outside clear

If your outside unit is not built on a pad that has a lip, it's good to ensure that you keep it clear at all times. Note if leaves and other debris are piling up around the unit and clean these away regularly. You might also build a small lip to protect your unit using simple wooden boards. If you allow leaves and twigs and other debris to build up around your unit outside your home, this can block the condenser and make the motor work harder so that there is more wear and tear on the unit. In turn, it will need to be repaired sooner.

2. Caulk or weather-strip your windows and glaze them

Most homeowners think of adding caulk or weather-stripping around their windows as a way to keep out the cold air during winter, but this can also keep out the warm air during summer. Your air conditioner will not need to work as hard when you block drafty areas of your home and in turn, this will mean less wear and tear on the motor and blower.

It's also good to choose glazed windows to block out the hot summer sun so that your air conditioner doesn't work as hard every season. If you cannot afford new windows, you can have this glazing added to your home's existing window panes for a quick fix.

3. Have your vents cleaned every year

Your air conditioning unit needs to push cold air through your vents and if the vents are dirty and dusty, the motor or blower needs to work harder to push that air through. During winter when you run your furnace, dust and debris tends to dry up and settle in the vents. Once summer arrives and you start to use your air conditioner, this dust and debris can be very thick. Cleaning your vents can allow your air conditioner's motor and blower to work more efficiently and in turn, it will suffer less wear and tear every season.

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