Keep The Dust Down On Your Road

If you live on an unpaved road, you know that dust is a daily problem. It gets everywhere. Your car gets coated with it. That dust can end up all over your clothes and in your house. It's a daily battle to get rid of the dust and keep it away. If you do live on an unpaved road and you are tired of having that daily battle, there are things that you can do. 

1. Put Gravel Down: Having gravel poured on your dirt road can make it harder for that dust and dirt to get to your car. Putting gravel down can be expensive, depending on how long your road is. Not only will you need the gravel put on the road, you will also need to have it graded so that your road is level. You should talk to any neighbors to share the cost. The gravel will also make it harder for the road to wash out in case of heavy rain. 

2. Keep It Wet: Sprinkling your road with water will also help to keep the dust down. While it is a very simple fix, there are some problems with it. One of those problems is that the water can evaporate quickly, especially when the weather is really hot. That can mean that you need to wet it down at least every other day. That can become problematic, especially if there is any kind of water shortage. It's relatively inexpensive but in the long run less efficient than other methods. 

3. Oil It Down: An alternative to wetting your road down with water is to put some oil on it. Any kind of petroleum based oil will work for this application. The petroleum oil is heavier than most other kinds of oil and will suppress the dust on your road longer. One source of this oil is used motor oil from vehicles. Oil works pretty well to keep the dust down. However, it also has its drawbacks. One of them is that it can be environmentally unsound. If your road goes near any water sources or ecologically fragile areas, putting oil down isn't going to be your best choice. When it rains, that oil can run down into those areas and cause a lot of damage. 

A dusty, unpaved road can turn into a huge problem. If you are tired of the dust, you have options as to how to keep it from being such a problem. Talk to a professional like GMCO Corporation for more information.