Add A Small, Decorative Path On Your Property

Define your property with a decorative path that leads from your house to your backyard. This improvement will add a considerable amount of beauty to your yard and won't take a lot of time or money to complete.

Use The Following List Of Materials

  • small, decorative stones
  • landscape fabric
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • wooden posts
  • bark mulch
  • small flowers
  • garden shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • hose
  • rake

Outline The Path And Dig

Determine how long and wide you would like the path to be. Mark the outline of this section with wooden posts that have sharp, pointed ends. Dig down a few inches with a garden shovel. To minimize the mess in your yard, place the dirt in a wheelbarrow as you work. When you are finished, move the dirt to an area that is out of the way. Flatten the base of the pathway with the back of your shovel or another hard object with a flat surface.

Add Landscaping Fabric And Fill The Path With Stones

Cut out a piece of landscaping fabric that is large enough to fill the base of the path. This fabric will allow drainage after it rains so that puddles don't form on parts of the path. Lay out the fabric and cover it with decorative stones. Fill in the pathway until the top of it is level with the rest of your yard. Use a rake to assist with spreading out the stones so that they are evenly applied to the path.

Line The Sides Of The Path With Flowers And Mulch

Plant your favorite types of flowers on each side of the path. Dig holes that are a few inches deep and space them out evenly. Place the roots of each flower in one of the holes. Fill the rest of the holes with dirt. Add bark mulch around the base of the flowers and on each side of the path. Bark mulch comes in dark, rich colors and will complement the stones that are part of the path. It will also help keep the roots of the flowers moist and will prevent weeds from growing around your path.

Maintain this special area that you have created by raking the stones whenever they appear to be unevenly placed in the path. Water the flowers several times each week. Bark mulch will last throughout the year. It doesn't fade as much as other types of mulch and can withstand sunlight and large amounts of rain.

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