Reasons To Consider Impact Windows

If you live in an area of the country where tornadoes, hurricanes or even just high winds are prevalent, you're probably used to heading down into the basement every once in a while to stay safe. While that's always a good idea, what if you could dramatically reduce the chances of something hazardous happening to your home simply by calling a windows contractor? There are now windows sturdy enough to withstand a large amount of force from the elements. Instead of fleeing your house for a bomb shelter or the basement, you can get impact windows installed in your home, which will dramatically reduce the chances of the windows getting blown in compared to using regular ones. Here are 3 more reasons impact windows might be a good idea.

Lower Your Insurance

Homeowners insurance in parts of the country where tornadoes and their ilk are common tend to be a bit pricier if you are carrying insurance for natural disasters. But you could win some points in your insurance company's book by taking steps to better protect your house. Installing storm or impact windows could prevent damage to the inside of your house, even if the rest of the outside of your home is damaged.

Lower Energy Costs Year Round

Impact windows can also be beneficial even when it's not hurricane season. Impact windows tend to let in more natural light which will keep your home naturally warmer in the winter time. Impact windows will also reduce the airflow between the inside and outside of the house. This means your HVAC system will not have to work as hard as they would for regular windows, saving you money in the process.

Protect from Thieves

The wind isn't the only thing impact windows can stop from getting into your home. These windows are significantly harder to smash and could prove a deterrent for a thief trying to get into your home. When a couple swings of the baseball bat fail to provide results, the would be robber could end up moving on to another target.

Impact windows can provide needed protection against strong winds, but can also do much more. These windows can lower your insurance premium, energy costs, and help provide greater overall security for your house. If your house is located in an area prone to frequent storms, do yourself and your family a favor by calling a local windows contractor like Storm Shield LLC today.