Two Common Myths About Tempered Glass You Should Disregard

There are many different types of glass you can choose for your home's windows. From conventional to laminated, each other brings its own unique set of benefits to your home. Unfortunately, tempered glass is surrounded by common misconceptions that may cause people to fail to consider this option for their homes. By dispelling two of the most common myths, you can help ensure you make an informed decision about which type of glass your home needs. 

Myth: Tempered Glass Is Only Used For Car Windows

Some individuals are under the impression that tempered glass is only used in automobiles and industrial settings. While the increased strength of this glass makes it ideal for these applications, there are major benefits to installing this glass in your home.

Strong storms have the ability to quickly destroy your home's windows. Whether it is from flying debris or hail, this damage can cause rain to enter you home and cause major damage.

Fortunately, this is a threat that can be mitigated by installing tempered glass. This glass is strong and shatter resistant. As a result, it is more likely to withstand strong blows from flying debris without breaking, and this makes it a practical option for homes in areas that regularly experience severe weather. 

Myth: Tempered Glass Will Not Break

While tempered glass is far stronger than traditional glass, some people are under the impression that tempered glass will never break. Unfortunately, every type of glass can break if it is hit with enough force. However, tempered glass is strengthened by using a special heating process that dramatically increases its durability. As a result, it can sustain stronger hits than most other types of glass before it succumbs and breaks. 

As a result, if your home has this type of glass and experiences regular strong storms, you should still invest in a storm shutters for your windows. These shutters are designed to be closed when severe weather is approaching, and they are made of durable hardwoods or metal that can allow them to absorb the strongest impacts from flying debris. By installing these shutters and tempered glass, you can drastically reduce the chances that your suffers broken windows during the next bout of bad weather. 

The type of glass you use for your home's windows is an important decision for many homeowners. Unfortunately, some individuals believe a couple of myths about tempered glass that may mislead them on this option's suitability for their homes. After dispelling these two common myths, you will be better informed when deciding on a type of glass for your home.