3 Ways To Increase The Security Of Your Home’s Garage

When it comes to residential homes, garage doors and windows are favorite entry points for thieves. The garage gives them privacy from the neighbors as they're breaking in, and many people leave the door between their home and garage unlocked. A thief might also break into your garage to steal the sporting goods and equipment, bicycles, and other expensive items you own and store in your garage, and be gone within minutes.

The vulnerability of your garage makes it important to increase the security of your garage door and windows. To increase security of your home in this area, consider a few simple, but vital, tips.

1. Cover the windows.

 A garage door with windows allows thieves to easily look in and see what expensive items you own, which in turn can lead to them actually breaking in and stealing them. They might also notice if you leave your car unlocked while in the garage, and they can be tempted to steal that, as well.

If your garage door has windows and you don't want to replace it, buy frosted sheets you can cut and put over them. This won't detract from the look of your garage but it will make it more difficult for thieves to peek in and take an inventory of what you own. Use this same frosting over other windows in your garage; this will still let in the light but will obscure a person's view from the outside.

2. Install a heavy-duty deadbolt on the door.

You may assume your garage door lock is sufficient, or that the garage door is too heavy to be lifted and opened, but this may not be the case. A garage door lock can often be easily broken with a few swift kicks, and a garage door itself only needs to be open a few feet for someone to crawl in.

A thick and heavy-duty deadbolt on the garage door is an added security feature that can keep your door locked and in place. It's more difficult to kick in a heavy deadbolt than it is a standard garage door lock, and your door can't be simply pried open when the deadbolt is secured.

3. Wire your garage door and windows into your home's alarm system.

Unfortunately, some homeowners have their alarm system installed at the door from the garage to the home, but your field of security should start with the garage itself. Have your alarm company rewire the system to include the garage door, any entryway doors leading into the garage, and windows. This will alert you if someone is breaking in and can ensure the items you store in your garage are secured.